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Inspiration Message: Why We Should Not Stand and Watch

Many of us complain that things are not going right in the world or even in our local community. Deep down we also all want to find the words of motivation that will bring us what we term as success in our lives. In truth we all want to feel good about ourselves and provide inspiration messages for others to follow.

Sadly however many people end up not leading that fulfilling life they yearn for and become frustrated. Yet there are ways in which we can do more to improve our lives every day.

Some years ago I was on my way home from work when I happened upon a road traffic accident. A car had struck a cyclist who had hit his head so hard on the car’s windscreen that it had left a dent. When I came upon the incident the car driver was sat in the road cradling the head of the cyclist and crying out for help (why do we often think the car driver does not suffer on these occasions?); he was covered in blood from the head wound suffered by the man in his arms.

I was astonished that I was not the first on the scene in what was a quite busy street but nobody had done anything to help. Ten or twelve people were stood nearby watching events in a detached manner as if it was all a television drama unfolding in front of them. Fortunately I have been brought up to see things differently and attempted to help the two men in distress.

One of the first actions I took was to ask one of the spectators to ring for an ambulance (this was before mobile telephones were common). I had to ask two people to do this as the first took some persuading and wandered off with no real urgency in his step.

I was glad when another man turned up and announced he was a qualified first aider: I was amazed to see his car was full of the equipment we needed. I was even more relieved when the police arrived and I was demoted to directing traffic (which caused some consternation among the car drivers as I was unaware that by now my white shirt was also stained with blood!).

Have we really become a people who prefer to watch rather than get up and do something?

Would we find our lives becoming more fulfilled if, instead of watching and complaining, we took action to change things for the better? Would we feel better about ourselves?

I believe the answer is yes.

Black and White Image of Lady Holding Water Bottle Leaning on Barrier

Albert Einstein put it beautifully:”The world is a dangerous place, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

This was brought into sharp relief to me this week. Two men in Woolwich, London attacked and killed a soldier on his way from a recruiting office to his barracks. Claiming to be Moslems, the two attackers hacked at their victim in the road, attempting to cut his head off.

When I read of the incident I was initially struck by the number of people who had photographed and filmed the aftermath instead of acting to help. However short inspiring stories about the incident started to emerge.

In a strangely civilised way, completely at odds to the events that went before, two women, a mother and a daughter asked the attackers’ permission to approach the body and stood over it to protect it from further attack. Amanda Donnelly-Martina and her 20-year-old daughter, Gemini, stood over and cared for the fallen soldier’s body.

Even more inspiring was that a third lady, a cub scout leader from Cornwall, Ingrid Loyou-Kennett, walked calmly over to the attackers and engaged them in conversation. The mother-of-two asked them why they had done what they had done and listened to what they had to say. She knew that the two would do no more harm while they were talking.

One of the men, holding weapons and his hands covered in blood, told her they wanted to start a war in return for the fighting in Afghanistan and Mrs. Loyou-Kennett calmly told him: “Right now it is only you versus many people. You are going to lose.” She then turned to the other man and suggested he give her his weapons. She told reporters: “I thought it was better having them aimed on one person like me rather than everybody there: children were starting to leave school as well.”

This is just one example of someone taking control and not leaving the situation to the police (who arrived 20 minutes later). But is it an isolated incident or are there more people taking responsibility for the world around them?

The Readers Digest magazine regularly looks for people who make a difference in their community. This month they highlight the work of Robby Sukhdeo who turned his passion for tennis into the Pavilion Sports and Cafe in Haringey, north London that has improved his community considerably. Writing in the project’s website, Robby says “By engaging the community we have dramatically proved that we can bring people together in so many ways … and reduce crime too.”

Robby’s relaxed words give no real hint of the hard work and struggle he has had to fight through to reach where the facility is now. Since 2003, he has had to overcome competition from a ferocious local gang and financial challenges. One of the inspiration messages from this story is that he has now employed several members of the gang on the project itself.

More and more short inspiring stories are appearing as people realise that they have to take a stand to improve their community and the lives of people around them.

Just one of the many stories appeared on the BBC Oxford website recently.

Four men robbed a jewellery store in Oxford but were astonished when passers-by turned on them. One robber was apprehended and another had his motorcycle helmet ripped off. Stuart O’Grady, a director of the jewellery company, told the BBC: “We want to thank everyone from the local community for their help – without doing what they did all four men would have got away.” He went on to say:”It was great to see. The British public are getting sick and tired of this going on.”

Taking action and moulding our lives as we want them to be is so important to our own self-fulfillment but we need to be ready to take responsibility for what goes on in our wider community too. We cannot wait for ‘someone’ to do something. Of course there are events we can do nothing about but criminals and wrong-doers need to see the public are united against them and the ‘silent majority’ need to be heard.

We all have a responsibility to show what we want in our lives and in our community. At the very least we need to share our words of motivation to others so that we and the people around us can experience a more fulfilling and happy existence.

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