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Inspiration Messages: The Value Of Honesty

In writing down what we want out of life – our dreams – and finding the inspiration messages to improve our lives, it is important to ensure what we want is in line with what we value in life. Success on any terms but those dictated by our consciences is likely to be a hollow triumph.

Perhaps one of the most significant standards we can set ourselves is that of honesty.

In his important book, The Magic Of Thinking Big, David Schwartz tells the story of a bright student who flunked an examination paper. The student told Dr. Schwartz he knew he had been spotted cheating and imagined what would happen to him. As a result, the student’s work had gone to pieces and Dr. Schwartz had to give him some strong words of motivation to get him to carry on, certain he had learned a lesson on the value of honesty.

Many people believe they can short-circuit success in a dishonest manner and get away with it. The truth is, even if you think no one noticed your dishonest act, there is always a witness – you. Somewhere deep inside us is the urge to be honest.

As David Schwartz wrote: “There is within each of us a desire to be right, to think right, and act right. When we go against that desire we put a cancer in our conscience. Avoid doing anything that will cause you to ask yourself: ‘will I get caught? Will they find out? Will I get away with it?'”

All too often men have extramarital affairs without thinking of the consequences to their own lives. Frequently they are overcome with guilt and fear that they might be found out. Sometimes they compensate by feigning a hard exterior, a devil-may-care image, but sadly this can become a habit that can reduce the chances of finding a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship at all.

Many criminals are caught simply because they act in a guilty manner.  David Schwartz put it this way: “There is within each of us a desire to be right, top think right, and act right. When we go against that desire we put a cancer in our conscience.’

In any case, most people appreciate others to be honest and individuals prefer to deal with those who they consider to be honest.

I have worked for a car importing company that moved thousands of cars every week. Collisions were inevitable but the overriding rule was the company did not mind if a driver had the occasional bump as long as he or she was honest about it.

Not only do others like to trust people they know are honest but you too will feel better about it. Dishonesty eats away at your own self-image. Honesty gives you a solid foundation upon which to build your dreams – and the confidence other people have in you will also encourage them to help you achieve what you want in life. Inspiration messages will be easier to follow and people will be happier listening to any of your words of motivation.

A lack of honesty can complicate your life in other ways too; you may tell a lie on one occasion and then you have to remember what you said for future meetings. I have known people get tangled up in the mesh of their own lies when the story gets too complicated. Inconsistencies in a story will create suspicion, inevitably they get found out and their reputation is destroyed for sometime to come.

I recall there was a divorce reported after the New York disaster on 9 September 2001 when a cheating husband, unaware of the events and visiting his girlfriends home, answered his wife’s telephone call and said he was at work in the Twin Towers – as she was watching them collapse on television.  Dishonesty rarely pays.

It is true that you can achieve some measure of success in life without being truly honest but I believe that your happiness will be incomplete. Each person’s definition of success is different but to me a situation where people have no trust in you, distrust your words of motivation and your relationships are shallow is not success at all.

There is however a warning to be heeded. In some situations diplomacy is more relevant than honesty; this is particularly true in cases involving vanity. The classic example occurs when your wife asks ‘Does this dress make me look fat?’ If you answer honestly you are risking serious injury so a little lie is appropriate to keep the peace and restore her self-image. Some words of motivation need not to be strictly true.

Overall however my inspirational message is that honesty and an open heart is the fastest way to true success and peace of mind. You will never find motivating quotes suggesting you do otherwise.

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Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls Looking Serious In The Woods


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