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Black And White Image Of Emily Maguire Performing

The music industry is a tough place to be. Anyone wanting to become a successful musician needs all the inspiration messages they can get, so to start out with a disadvantage makes the journey all the more tough.

Emily Maguire was born in South London in 1975. Growing up alongside her loving sister and watching no television, Emily developed a passion for poetry and music early on. She learned to play the piano, flute, recorder and cello and loved reading books.

Her early passion was for classical music and it seemed like she was destined to be a professional cellist. The young Emily was a normal sight at competitions and even took a master class with famous cellist Paul Tortelier.

Sadly Emily’s teenage years were stressful, due to problems at home, and at the age of 16 she left college and moved into a flat in Cambridge with total strangers. She soon started to show the signs of acute depression, considering suicide and writing disturbing notes. Emily lived on nothing but Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for some months and listening to Bob Marley tapes.

A psychiatrist had to bully Emily into taking medication and eventually she began to recover.

After a period in France, Emily moved in with her mother and returned to college. A car crash soon after however triggered fibromyalgia pain syndrome, which left her only able to move on walking sticks and in great pain.

For her birthday, Emily’s mother gave her a guitar: this was the saving moment for Emily. A friend suggested she tried combining her loves of poetry and music by writing songs. Incredibly having time on her hands else became an asset to Emily as she began to write constantly.

Emily tried many therapies and drugs to alleviate her condition but found only cannabis made any difference. At the age of 21, Emily found herself sat in a hospital garden in total despair when words of motivation, saying ‘I can, I can,’ sounded in her ears. For a moment, she felt utter joy for the first time for a long time.

In 1998, Emily dislocated a rib, which caused seemingly impossible pain. She chain-smoked cannabis, stopped eating and sleeping and wrote constantly. At the age of 23, she was taken to a mental hospital and was diagnosed with an extreme case of bipolar disorder.

For weeks she was kept in a ward with other mental health patients, wanting to talk to doctors but the drugs she was given made her unable to speak.

Eventually she was allowed to go home, where Emily decided to find an alternative to drugs to help her recover. She found inspiration messages in ‘The Way To Freedom’ by the Dalai Lama and visited a Buddhist teacher. He taught her how to meditate and this helped her tackle each day more easily.

Emily Maguire At The Microphone

After a few months, Emily expressed her feelings in a song called ‘I Thought I Saw’ and then ‘I’d Rather Be.’ After 10 years of pain, she found natural treatments that alleviated her pain and began to consider singing in public.

Her great-uncle bombarded her with words of motivation and forced Emily to sing her first concert at the Square and Compass pub in Dorset. This lead to several other gigs and eventually she ended up nervously singing in the Half Moon in Putney, London. Emily was amazed when she received thunderous applause.

Sadly in 2002, Emily returned to a mental hospital. This time however, she was given fewer drugs and was encouraged to play her guitar. Nonetheless Emily tried to escape several times but even so she began to recover slowly. In hospital she wrote the song ‘Falling On My Feet.’

Eventually she moved in with her father near Cambridge and then back to London. Suddenly she received a phone call from an Australian musician and producer she had met some years earlier. He invited her to visit him. By chance, Emily found she had just enough money to fly to Australia – so she went.

Christian, her friend, lived in a shack in the bush and Emily felt immediately at home. He gave her the words of motivation she needed to start playing again and together they recorded all her songs.

Emily’s visa expired so she returned to London. The draw of Australia was too much however and she was back in Australia in 2003. Emily was encouraged to release an album (‘Stranger Place’) and was astonished when it was a hit, leading to several engagements in the area.

News of her success reached London and suddenly there were invitations to play in England. Nationwide tours resulted before Emily returned home to record her second album (‘Keep Walking’).

Another tour of the UK led to an appearance on BBC Radio Two. As a result, Emily started a further tour of the UK and Ireland with Don McLean. Suddenly she found herself playing to up to 4,000 people at a time and having to deal with interest from the media.

Emily now regularly plays to audiences of different sizes and has released a third album (‘Believer’). She still lives under the threat of reoccurrences of her mental illness and has to take medication and meditate to combat this.

Interestingly, Emily is recording a fourth album, which is being financed largely by sponsorship from fans. Her work has always been encouraged by inspiration messages and money from fans. This extraordinary woman has overcome the most amazing challenges, both from mental health and finances, to become one of the most talented singers around.

The inspiration messages she gives us mean nothing seems impossible anymore.

Find out more about Emily Maguire on her website. You can also see her at several venues, including her return to the picturesque Square and Compass, Worth Matravers, Dorset on 1 June 2013.

“Well I’ll say,
Go slow, be kind, be wise
Start over again, just start over again.”


Emily Maguire (‘Start Over Again’)




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