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Lacey Henderson As Planet Terrors Cherry Darling At Comic Con 2007

In 2007 the movie ‘Grindhouse’ was released to cinemas. This was a tribute to movie houses (called grindhouses), which used to show mainly ‘B’ movies. The 2007 film was in fact a double bill of horror movies and put in a mediocre box office performance.

It was hardly a film full of inspiration messages, nonetheless, as these things happen, it has become a cult movie.

In the first of the two movies,  ‘Planet Terror,’ the heroine is one Cherry Darling, played by Rose McGowan.  Darling and her sidekick have to protect the world from an invasion of zombies: her outstanding feature is an assault rifle attached as a prosthetic limb.

The action moves to the 2007 Comic Con exhibition. This exhibition is held annually at the San Diego Convention Centre and attracts large crowds of enthusiasts to its film, TV, science fiction, fantasy and comic book themed stands.

One stand was devoted to the Grindhouse movies and it was decided to have Cherry Darling there to meet the fans. Rose McGowan was not available so a substitute had to be found. In stepped Lacey Henderson who was an instant hit with the crowds.

Miss Henderson, now 21 years old, is a talented cheerleader and gymnast. She has played a number of sports including volleyball, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, soccer and pole vaulting: an exhausting array for anyone.  A couple of years ago she also worked as a dance instructor and counsellor of a youth camp.

So what is the big deal? Remember the outstanding feature of Cherry Darling.

At the age of nine, Lacey began to suffer from lumps on the back of her knee. Examinations showed synovial sarcoma and a cancerous spot on her lungs. Eventually, after sessions of chemotherapy  (which, as she had kidney and liver damage too, nearly killed her), it was decided there was no option but to amputate her right leg.

Lacey’s parents were a saving grace in those early years.  They refused to treat her different in any way and this helped Lacey get the determination to make the most of her life.

She is presently studying Spanish, French and International Health at Denver university and has been asked to train for the American Paralympic ski team. She has a job as a waitress and has undertaken some fashion modelling.

Lacey has one clear ambition: to pass on words of motivation to people with similar disabilities and help them believe in themselves: “I like the idea of letting people know you don’t have to let a disability limit what you can do.” But, as she has told her local newspaper, “I’m not disabled. I’ve just got one leg.” She refers to herself as ‘differently abled.’

Expect to see more great things and hear words of motivation from Lacey Henderson.

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