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Inspirational Messages For LIfe

Hypeless Messages To Show Life Is Not Hopeless

Words For Motivation: The Olympic Poem

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Any celebration of the Olympic Games provides inspiration messages for those keen to find them and the 2012 London Olympic Games were no exception.

There were many, many stories of overcoming the odds to achieve great things – and the inspiration messages were not reserved only for the winners of gold medals. There were great stories to be found among the other medal winners and also those who did not get a medal and yet gained so much. Their stories will be told over the coming weeks and months.

But the London Olympic Games involved contribution from more than just the athletes and the charismatic Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, commissioned a competition among local school children to write a poem that summed up the words of motivation the Games represented.

The winning verses of encouragement were written by 15-year-old Fope Jegede and were put to music by the BBC and shown during their coverage of the closing ceremony.

The resulting video is shown below.


She was a little girl with a dream
Watching champions on the TV screen…
The race of their lives, they’d run
The gold medal desired to be won
You Olympians with your glory and might
Did you know you inspired a girl tonight?
She was then a teenager with a dream
Aspiring to be a champion on that TV screen…
Ambition engraved in her heart
From the running tracks she’d never depart
Growing in speed, strength, determination
Until the day she’d represent her nation
You judges who chose her, this day you’ll never rue
Did you know you’ve just made her dreams come true?
She is now a woman who’s living her dream
She’s the champion on the TV screen…
Head high, face glowing in pride
This moment will never leave her side
The honour, respect, and glory
Never thought she’d tell such a story
You in the crowd, amazed at her win
Today is the day your story begins.

By Fope Jegede, aged 15

This video and its words of motivation can also be seen on the BBC website.


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