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Young Audience Listening To A Motivational Speaker

There are a great many authors and speakers in the world who can provide the words of motivation we need to improve our lives. One of the greatest providers of inspiration messages however was Jim Rohn.

Born in Washington State, USA, on 17 September 1930, Emanuel James Rohn spent most of his younger years living on his parents’ farm in Idaho. After school, he went to college for 18 months but, full of youthful over-confidence, he left to claim (as he put it in his classic book, ‘Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness’) “a good-sized chunk of the American dream.”

He admitted he made a great many mistakes in those early years. He found himself a job as a stock clerk for Sears but found himself struggling for money. He also got married and found himself promising his wife that the good times were just around the corner. The reality seemed to be quite different however: Rohn had now become a father and was finding his small salary stretching even further.

One day a friend suggested Jim attend a sales conference for the AbundaVita Company. One of the speakers was James Earl Shoaff, a leading distributor and entrepreneur for the company. After the seminar, the young Jim Rohn nervously introduced himself to Shoaff. “I cannot tell you what he said that evening that captivated me so, but I can still remember thinking to myself that I would give anything to be like him,” wrote Rohn.

Shoaff left AbundaVita in 1957 and started the Nutri-Bio Corporation. Jim Rohn followed him and did so well that he was a millionaire by the age of 31. Soon after Nutri-Bio went out of business and Rohn went from a $2.3 million fortune to nothing almost overnight. Soon after, Earl Shoaff died from pneumonia.

Nonetheless, Rohn had learned enough from Shoaff to be able to start over all again. “I had learned from the wisdom of his philosophy of life and his fundamentals for successful living: how to be wealthy, how to be happy.”

Having moved to Beverley Hills in California, Jim was asked by a friend to make a speech to the local Rotary club on his ‘rags to riches’ story. The talk was a massive success. From this first success, he began receiving invitations from all over the country to share his words of motivation.

Rohn was hired by the Bestline Products Company and Standard Oil to conduct motivational seminars for them and share his inspiration messages with their employees.

Around this time, a young Tony Robbins worked for and was mentored by Rohn. Robbins of course went on to be one of the most powerful motivation speakers of all. Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy all credit Rohn with the words of motivation they needed to become great authors and speakers.

Jim Rohn went on to speak to more than 5 million people at seminars and to author 25 books and audio programmes. He had the skill to examine human behaviour and find the words to influence so many to improve their lives.

Sadly, in December 2009, Jim Rohn lost a battle with pulmonary fibrosis and died.

Few people can really claim to have given so many people the words of motivation to change their lives for the better. And the wonderful news is Jim Rohn’s words still do so much good in the world.

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