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Words Of Motivation: The Inspiring Simon Weston

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We all need words of motivation in our lives at some time or other. Things go wrong and we feel frustrated or even desperate.

Somehow we need to find the inspiration messages that help us to carry on and even drive forward to achieve what we dream about, what we desire, whether that involves money or simply quality of life.

One man found his life turned upside down during the Falklands War 30 years ago. Simon Weston was in the hold of the ship the Sir Galahad when a bomb pierced the side and exploded close to him. He watched his friends die before he managed to struggle out with horrific injuries. It took surgeons 70 major operations over a period of years to help Simon back to a position something approaching normality.

Many of us would crumble under such circumstances but Simon Weston has made his experiences his inspiration to do a lot of good for his fellow human beings. He has become a successful author and television presenter but most significantly he has become a tireless worker for charities and a compelling inspirational speaker. I was lucky enough to see him talk once and can tell you his words of motivation had a great effect on me.
Find out more about Simon on his website


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