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Does it often feel that the world is in control of you? It may seem that you have no power or influence over what happens to you at work or you feel at the beck and call of friends or family, with no time to yourself. Who do you blame for that? I would be surprised if your answer were that you consider yourself responsible. Yet, I would suggest that, with a bit of focused effort, we could all take more responsibility for exercising control over our own lives and provide more inspirational messages too.

My first word of motivation, to myself as well as anyone reading this, is to not aim so high that you are bound to fail.  In other words, be realistic! Set yourself manageable goals by thinking about some of the small things you can do.  You can take more control than you might think, even in a job where your work seems to be closely directed by your boss. For example, you can take the personal decision to improve the standard to which you produce work that you don’t find very interesting.  We once had a temp in our office who made up the parcels to send out small orders for publications that we dealt with in-house.  She had just got a first class honours degree and it was a boring task. However, she told me she had set herself the goal of making the neatest packages possible to give her more satisfaction – and, it worked.  She found the inspiration messages to enjoy her day. Her predecessor yawned all day and complained how bored he was – and his behaviour acted as a self-fulfilling prophecy..

A really important aspect of work we are all in control of individually is how we relate to our colleagues. However busy we are, we can always find the time to get to know our fellow workers a bit better.  Understanding what makes each other tick can make such a difference to the environment we spend so much time in.  Of course, it does mean allowing those you work with to get to know you!

How frequently do you get to the end of the day feeling really frustrated about all the jobs you haven’t done? The result is that you feel the day has been in control of you rather than the other way around.

What is the solution then? First, most of us are very good at focusing on what we haven’t done, rather than stopping for a moment to think what we have achieved in the day. If you spend some time doing that, you will usually be impressed with yourself. This will give you the words of motivation you need for the next day.

Second, with some exceptions obviously, we also tend to be very good at planning far too many things to do each day. Prioritising (thought I couldn’t get away without using the ‘p’ word) a few things you know you will get done makes you feel so much more in control of your day.

My inspiration messages are probably a bit different from some of the others on this website. Many of those offer words of inspiration and strength that encourage you to ‘think big’ – and those messages are important. Where would we be without some of the people who have set their sights in the far distance and reached the mountaintop of their aspirations?  We are not all the same though and my message is that sometimes we benefit from ‘thinking small’.  Perhaps these few words of motivation will act as a prompt for you to make some small changes today.

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