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Inspirational Messages For LIfe

Hypeless Messages To Show Life Is Not Hopeless

Word Of Motivation: Restrictive Labeling

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My garden is quite small but mature. I have decided to make it a wildlife garden (that is another way to say I do no gardening) and now birds fill it during the day and at night it is owned by hedgehogs.

One of the birds is a majestic sparrow hawk. He is the scourge of the smaller birds as every now and again he plunges into the garden and grabs and kills another bird. That is what he is meant to do. That is his role in life. He is a sparrow hawk and kills birds; he will never become a vegetarian.

Here are some words of motivation for you: humans are not sparrow hawks. We can choose our way in life. Yes we can.

And yet most people accept labels. I wish I had money for every time someone has said to me, ‘I can’t do that because I am…’ It is almost pandemic. Perhaps it is a product of a world that needs to label people to produce statistics or perhaps it is a result of the accessibility of mass media, but whatever the cause, we are placed into prisons of labeling.

No matter what words of motivation we hear there is always some propaganda that tells us why we are unable to fulfill our potential.

In Britain one of the most restrictive labels I hear increasingly is based on class. ‘I am working class’ or ‘I am middle class’ as if that somehow defines who we are. If somebody can tell me where to go to find out which class I belong to I would be grateful. I don’t see myself as in one class or another. I am me.

Many countries of the world now, including Britain, operate a meritocracy. In other words, if you are prepared to make the effort you are able to reach any level in society you desire. Really. Now these are not simply words of motivation, this is reality.

Other people label themselves in ways that seem like a comfort zone to them. There are many examples; perhaps they feel they can’t get a job because they didn’t go to college or they can’t drive on a motorway because they do not know how or it frightens them.  They can’t do this because they are a man or a woman; they are too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too young, too old, too ugly, too beautiful.

Why should these things hold them back from achieving their dreams?

There are always methods to change the situation and frequently what seemed a barrier before just evaporates in the face of determined action.

Oh, sure there are always going to be people who will agree with you and say your label is a valid reason to restrict your prospects. And then there is Lacey Henderson, Or Nick Vujicic. Or David.

Lacey Henderson is a young college student in Denver, Colorado who lost her leg at the age of nine and yet is more active and enjoys life more than most others of her age. She describes herself as not disabled but “differently abled.”

Then there is Nick Vujicic. Nick is an Australian public speaker, spreading words of motivation to millions of people during his entertaining talks. So what? Nick has no arms and no legs and yet he loves and enjoys life to the full. See a video on Nick and his words of motivation here.

David (not his real name) was a young Scout when I was involved in the movement as an instructor. He joined in all the activities, including long hikes at night and through muddy and rocky terrain. He would get upset if he didn’t get involved in everything that went on. Yet David was a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. To go hiking we would tie ropes to the front and back of his wheelchair and drag him through everything.

Today David is a successful computer programmer.

Contrast Peter with David. Peter lived the other side of the road to David and he had a clubfoot. Peter could not get involved in any physical activities as he was ‘disabled.’

A while ago I was told someone could not have a long-lasting relationship because she ‘builds walls around her emotions.’ Now I am never going to be so crass as to be anything but sympathetic and it is not always easy to break free of our labels even using words of motivation others (like me) might dispense but I was so tempted to say ‘well, don’t – it is entirely up to you.’

It is. It is entirely our choice. We build the fences around us. We accept the labels people give us.

I have a bad back. Big deal. A few years ago a medical professional suggested I should be registered disabled and I considered the idea. But something inside me said ‘cobblers, I am not disabled and I will not be unless I decide to be.’ So I kept away from the idea and today I feel as fit as anybody.

So it is your decision. What label do you want? I know a few labels I do want; I want labels like ‘successful,’ ‘loves life’ and ‘pushes boundaries.’ Now those are some words of motivation I like.

What about you?


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