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Keith Braithwaite at Home

Hello. My name is Keith Braithwaite and I want to welcome you to

First a little about me; I am fifty two years old, live in the south of England and until a couple of years ago I had worked 30 years in the corporate world at various levels. Fortunately my last employer decided my role was no longer required and I grasped the opportunity to leave and at last take responsibility for my own life. During the previous twenty years I had also studied personal development in a direct sales environment but although I realised much of the words of motivation I had read were true somehow it had not clicked and I was not the super-successful person I had been promised I would be.

Something was wrong. I started to think that perhaps the presentation of the success principles was the problem. There are some amazing teachers out there but a lot of the inspiration messages were presented with such enthusiasm that they went straight by me.

The idea of is to examine the principles taught in a simple, easy to understand manner – without the hype.

I will post regular articles and quotations on here examining the various elements required to help anybody gain the success for which they are looking. I invite you to come along with me to see if you can find whatever it is you would like out of life.  If you want to get involved in the discussion, please feel free to post a comment and maybe help another reader.

Come with me then on what will be a great adventure.

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