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Have you ever come across someone who says one thing and does another? I think we all have at some time.

This is the curse of people who supposedly follow inspiration messages and yet never improve their lives.

I have known of many people who read books on self-improvement and go to seminars and perhaps listen to talks from top speakers in the field; in fact, they spend a fortune (and it is easy to do) to find success and yet it never quite happens.

Frankly, this has also applied to me.

This problem seems to be particularly apparent in America. I suspect that might be the case because the self-improvement industry is particularly big there. I know of one person who day after day publishes positive messages on Facebook such as “Give somebody a smile today” and “Remember what a great person you are” but then posts messages like “Pray for me today as I am in pain.” I won’t embarrass her by naming her, but I do know her life is not at all what could be termed positive or successful, no matter your definitions of those words.

So why do the principles taught fail so often?

One reason could be that the way the information is communicated is not effective. I personally find that high energy; hugely enthusiastic presentations leave me cold.

But I think there is something else.

Too many people hear the lessons taught and treat the words as a mantra. They recite the ideas ad nauseum but forget the most important principle: actions speak louder than words.

Inspiration messages only work if you put them into action.

Andrew Carnegie said: “As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”

The seventeenth century philosopher John Locke said it perfectly: “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.”

And that is the point. Of course saying the right things is important but it is your thoughts that are key and your thoughts influence your actions. It is not just a dogma you want but to really feel the principles and to put them into action.

James Allen: “Every thought-seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and to take root there, produces its own, blossoming sooner or later into act. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit.”

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So how does this translate into daily life?

An easy example is how you treat other people during the day.

Do you really sincerely smile or do you force a smile because you think you need to do it? Do you say an insincere ‘How are you?’ or ‘Have a nice day?’

Take the attention away from you and take a real interest in other people. They are interesting, they really are. Think about the impact you are having on their lives. Don’t ask them how they are, find something to talk about such as the weather or anything you can see about them that can start a short conversation: again, be interested in them. Say something silly.

Today, for example, I had a delivery of one hundred rolls of toilet paper (I buy in bulk!). I smiled at the delivery driver and said hello and remarked how good the weather is today. He smiled back and remarked on the toilet paper and we had a great conversation about how I really should give up eating curries.

How do you leave people? I have developed a phrase I find works. I simply say ‘See you soon.’ That short phrase indicates I have enjoyed the conversation and cannot wait to see them again. It works especially well in shops.

One of the most neglected truths in life is we influence everyone we meet: to me, that gives us a great responsibility.

I had a discussion with another lady a while ago in which she related a long bout of depression she had suffered. She proudly told me she had recovered all on her own with no help from anybody. While I was loathed to put her right, I did ask her if she was certain she had had no influence from anyone. To have had no influence at all she would have not met any other human being at all, including family, friends and work colleagues.

The truth is we influence everyone we meet, even if it by saying hello. Your cheerful greeting really could change the life of another person. What you say and how you say it could be words of motivation to somebody. This is particularly true in your interactions with those close to you.

So there you have it: words do have a place in our lives but it is our actions that determine whether we make a success of our time on this earth. Our thoughts and actions are interlinked. Have good thoughts and your actions will be good. Good actions will increase the flow of good thoughts.

Make your actions speak so loud that your words are irrelevant.

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