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Inspirational Messages For LIfe

Hypeless Messages To Show Life Is Not Hopeless

Short Inspiring Stories: Violette Szabo

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When it comes to short inspiring stories, can any be more so than those of the British Secret Agents who were part of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during the Second World War?

I can remember, as a child, watching the film Carve Her Name With Pride.  It told the story of Violette Szabo.  Born in France, Violette had a French mother and English father. She was brought up in Brixton in South London and was working in a local department store at the start of World War Two.

Aged 19, she married Etienne Szabo, following a whirlwind romance. He died, two years later and Violette decided to offer her services to the SOE.

Violette’s first mission was successful.  It involved reorganising a French Resistance network that had been destroyed by the Germans. She led the group in sabotaging road and railway bridges and sent extremely important information by radio that informed Allied bombing raids.

For her second mission, Violette was flown to the Limoges area. It was June 1944 and Germany was trying to stop the effects of the Normandy landings. Her role was to co-ordinate efforts by the local Maquis to sabotage German communications.  During this mission, Violette was captured. She was interrogated and tortured and suffered hard labour and malnutrition.  Violette still managed to help save the life of a Belgian resistance courier.

Reading about women like Violette Szabo provides words of motivation. The poem written for her by Leo Marks as the basis for coded messages to England offers words of inspiration and strength.  It starts with the verse:

The Life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have is yours


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