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Many of us look for words of motivation from other people to get us through the day. We might look for inspiring quotations or read words of motivation from a book and yet the most powerful words of motivation we can access are the ones we give ourselves.

Studies have shown what we say to ourselves affects every area of our lives. Indeed, the way we talk to ourselves has an impact on our physical well-being: evidence shows positive self-talk leads to reduced depression, resistance to illnesses such as the common cold, better cardiovascular health, less stress and a longer life. Talking to yourself tends to produce a healthy and positive lifestyle too, with a better diet, more exercise and a reduced likelihood of smoking or drinking to excess.

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At this stage you may be thinking, ‘what are you talking about? Only mad people talk to themselves.’ The voice in your head that just said that is what we are talking about. Self-talk does not require you to talk out loud (although in private it is not such a bad idea) but it is simply what you tell yourself in your thoughts.

To achieve what you want in life, you need to ensure your thoughts about yourself are as positive as possible. When someone tells you something you may or may not believe it, depending on your opinion of the person involved or how often he or she tells you, but the opinion you have of yourself is accepted without question.

Imagine you had an imaginary grumpy old man following you around all day, every day whispering comments in your ear. He says things like ‘you’re an idiot,’ ‘you can’t do that,’ ‘remember how you got that wrong last time you tried?’ How would you feel after hearing this for a week, a month or a year? You would start to believe what he said.

This is how it is with self-talk: you cannot get away from it so you need to change what you hear to wholesome words of motivation.

If you hear something enough times, you start to believe it: after all, this is how governments employ propaganda and they know it works. The most extreme example is the hatred of the Jews manufactured by the Nazi party in Germany in the 1930’s but even today campaigns such as ‘Speed Kills’ use the same method even where solid evidence shows otherwise.

The truth is we can use propaganda for good by changing our self-talk into words of motivation.

It takes persistence and work: but it is worth doing.

I have to say I have struggled with this myself in the past, but that does not mean I cannot get it right in the future.

One area self-talk is employed with great success is in sport. Frequently the difference between winning and losing is not talent but mental abilities, especially self-talk.

As explained in the fascinating book, Mind Games, athlete Sally Gunnell stood on the line for the 1992 Olympic 400 metre hurdles in Barcelona. She says, “I’d been constantly saying to myself, ‘You can do this. You have done everything right. You’ve eaten well. You’ve done every training session possible. You’ve not been injured. You are 100%.’ Just before they said ‘On your marks’ something inside me said, ‘This is it. This is your race. You can do this’ and I really believed in those final seconds that I was going to win.” Those words of motivation won Sally the gold medal.


In the computer industry there has always been a useful slogan ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out.’ In other words, what comes out is a product of what you put in.

In his book, You Can Change Your Life Any Time You Want, Robin Sieger makes this point: “There is a cruel irony that we will give positive encouragement and advice to our friends as they embark on a life change, or personal challenges, yet beat ourselves up for small failings and continually give ourselves negative self-talk.”

Make sure that you become your own best supporter and provide your own words of motivation.

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