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Our Progress Depends on Our Attitude Thoughts

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We have a dream and we have set our goals. It would seem we are well on our way to achieving the life of our dreams. There is an element of self-improvement however that we have to get right or we will live a life of frustration: we need to ensure our attitude thoughts are such that success is almost inevitable.

So much in life is affected by the way we think about things. Our attitude thoughts in a certain situation can improve or destroy our chances of overcoming challenges.

A belief in yourself and your ability to overcome is essential. Our positive attitude thoughts are key to success in any field. Many people think mental attitude is so much mumbo-jumbo and really has no place in the real world but generally those same people lead lives of frustration and failed ambitions.

Sport gives us great examples of great attitude thoughts. Champion golfer Nick Faldo gives us an example: “I said, ‘Excuse me, I’m going to be a pro golfer.’ They said, ‘No, no, only one in two thousand or ten thousand makes it.’ So I said, ‘Fine. I’m the one.’ I had that level of self-commitment.”

Young Parkour Enthusiast Holding His Arms Out As He Jumps

Success in sport is as dependent on mental attitude as anything else. Watch a professional tennis star play at Wimbledon and you can see the mental side of the sport in stark exposure.

I cannot say I have ever been at the highest level of any sport but over a period of years I lead hill-walking expeditions and there was always a need to believe in your ability to reach the next summit. Mental discipline is as important and is indeed a great part of physical discipline.

In the vast majority of cases, people fail not because they do not have talent or ability but because they do not believe they can succeed. We all need to break out of our comfort zones at some stage in our lives and, once we do, our attitude thoughts improve considerably. With every new success we achieve, we come to believe in ourselves a little bit more.

The truth is we can all achieve what we want in life if we would only believe we can.

“Belief is the basis of all action, and this being so, the belief which dominates the heart or mind is shown in the life. Every man acts, thinks, lives in exact accordance with the belief which is rooted in his innermost being.”

James Allen


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