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School bullies have been responsible for breaking quite a few of their victims but some who have been bullied have turned their tormentors words into words of motivation.

Molly Burke of Ontario, Canada was four years old when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigments, which lead to a total loss of vision in a matter of years. Eventually she had to use a white stick and then was assigned a guide dog. In the meantime the bullying began and one child even suggested Molly kill herself. She did consider ending her own life, suffered depression and started to cut herself.

One day she fell and broke her ankle. She had to use crutches to get around and so was unable to take the dog with her. Other school girls lead her to a nearby forest, took away and smashed her crutches and ran away laughing.

Molly changed schools but the bullying continued. Eventually she found the courage to talk to the principal, who alerted her family. It was then that the young schoolgirl discovered there were people in her life who loved her enough to support her and provide words of motivation for her.

This inspirational young woman is now 18 years old and is one of Canada’s most popular public speakers. She talks on behalf of the Me to We company, which provides ethical products, experiences and speakers. Molly spreads words of motivation around schools across Canada, particularly to combat the bullying too many children experience.

Many of us could learn so much from such an inspirational young woman. As she says on the Me to We website: “If I can get up every single day motivated and able to inspire just one person, then everything I’ve been through is worth it.”

Find out more about Molly on the CTVNews website.

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