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Louis Smith Gives Words of Motivation to Students

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Colourful View of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

In this time of complete media coverage, world-class athletes have to learn to deal with a lot more than winning medals. For Louis Smith, silver medal winner in the 2012 Olympic gymnastics, he has had to learn to learn public speaking to share words of motivation to others.

Having also won the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing competition, Louis has some real inspiration messages to share. He has been doing just that by touring schools in Cambridgeshire, close to his hometown of Peterborough.

Talking and meeting school children can be problematic but Louis, who was awarded the MBE in the New Years honours, seemed to enjoy the experience. A hero to many, Louis started the tour by visiting and talking at the schools he attended so the experience brought back memories too.

During his visits, he passed words of motivation to many children. The purpose of the talks was to encourage children to follow him into sport but it seems he has become a hero to them and has inspired them to do better in anything they do.

Louis Smith certainly seems to be living up to the motto on his tattoo: ‘What I deserve I earn.’
Read about Louis Smith’s school tour on the, Peterborough Today and BBC websites.

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