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InspirationMessages: What Is Hypnosis?

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When you think about it, all the inspiration messages available on this website and on other sites are attempting to programme you to change your life for the better.

Later on in our journey on we will be talking about such techniques as affirmations and visualisation to further help you change your attitude to life. One of the feelings we will work to overcome is fear.

Paul McKenna is one of the world’s greatest hypnotists and is also a self-help author too. You will have noticed him featuring in the Daily Quotations.

Now if you are like I was, you are probably saying that hypnosis is all a load of claptrap and Paul McKenna is simply an entertainer. I have no doubt there are some charlatans out there but, if you think about it, hypnosis is simply an extreme version of what we are doing on

The fact that Paul McKenna is a hypnotist and a self-help author is no coincidence.

A good hypnotist simply tries to change the way you think about something by working through the subconscious. This is exactly what we are doing on this site, albeit through a slower method. What is the difference between Paul McKenna saying ‘You can do it’ and an affirmation on this site saying ‘You can do it?’

In reality someone like Paul McKenna is good news. Sometimes all the positive thinking in the world will not change a destructive attitude so using a good hypnotist might make a big difference.

See what happened when Paul McKenna treated Ellen Degeneres on her television show in this video clip.

So understand all we are doing is attempting to access your unconscious through inspiration messages and motivating quotes in order to help you find the life you want. Not much different to hypnosis then.

Visit Paul McKenna on his website here.


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