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Inspirational Avenue of Tree In Pune, India


A debilitating disease is hardly where you would expect someone to get inspiration messages, but that is exactly what a design student in Pune, India did.

Vidhi Bhargav had watched her father fight Parkinson’s Disease from when she was one year old. In her final year of college she was expected to come up with a new fashion design and had no hesitation choosing.

The 21 year-old student immediately set about designing a bag for sufferers of the condition so they might carry important items without dropping them. Her design incorporated all the elements required to make it useful for those who had reduced control of their hands.

She presented her idea at a Parkinson’s Disease event and it was warmly received.

It is wonderful that this enterprising person found the inspiration messages to not only develop her dream but to help other people along the way.

We wish her the very best of luck with her design.

Find out more about Vidhi Bhargav and her bag on the DNA India website.

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