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Inspirational Messages For LIfe

Hypeless Messages To Show Life Is Not Hopeless

Inspiration Messages: Keeping The Dream Alive

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Have you got a dream? Is there something you want to do with your life? Good. My words of motivation to you are simply ‘You can achieve it.’ Yes, really.

Ask yourself this question: would you really be happy is you did not achieve that dream? Or would there always be a little part of you that wonders what things might be like if you achieved that dream?

In search of my own inspiration messages I went to the Southampton Boat Show last week. I had a great time looking at boats I cannot afford. This was particularly true when I got to the Sunseeker stand. For those of you who do not know what Sunseeker boats are like, take a look at their website. These yachts are among the ultimate in luxury. One floating by the pontoons at the show was worth a cool £14.7 million and included a fold out balcony from the master bedroom.

After the show I got to thinking. Words of motivation came to me including the thought that these boats are made for people. Sunseeker are not stupid, they wouldn’t make boats that people did not buy.

So who would buy them?

Why not people like you and me?

Why not people who have had a dream to own a boat like that and worked until they could buy one?

Can you really honestly say you can never achieve what you want? I know many will say that but there are many short inspiring stories of people who have achieved what would seem to be impossible goals. But they did it.

Cough. I might also point out that the company Sunseeker International was also started by a man, Robert Braithwaite, who had a dream.

Next year is the London Olympics. How many athletes are looking to win gold medals? Somebody has to win. Could you see yourself as a world-class athlete? Perhaps not, perhaps that is not your dream but whatever you want is no crazier than a child at school wanting to win an Olympic gold medal. What makes you different from those who will win next year?

Here is my word of motivation: nothing. There is nothing different about you compared to the top athletes. They have just held on to a dream and did everything to achieve it.

Find that dream and hold on to it.

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