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Inspirational Messages For LIfe

Hypeless Messages To Show Life Is Not Hopeless

Inspiration Messages: Find Inspiration Closer To Home

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The ideal motivation in our lives is internal – in other words, how we find words of motivation within ourselves. However the reality for most people is they find their inspiration around them.

The obvious example of finding inspirational messages in this way is propaganda. History shows so many examples of individuals acting on false messages often from governments. This is still the case today, although it has often been given the modern description of ‘spin.’

There was a fascinating article on this subject in the Daily Telegraph recently.

Another source of inspiration messages comes from the celebrity culture. Many people do or wear crazy things in the name of fashion or because they want to follow a particular craze or celebrity. I believe this is called ‘being cool.’

So where can we get good, reliable inspiration?

Obviously there are excellent authors, speakers and positive personalities we can follow and it is great if we do so. But I would argue there are people nearer to us who can provide a good, positive influence.

Friends and family may not always understand why we do what we do but, unless you are really unlucky, they show their love for you nonetheless. We need to look for the signs of love and draw inspiration from them.

Often a partner or parent will say ‘Be careful’ or ‘Take care,’ which used to annoy me, as I would read it as ‘Take care as you are not able to look after yourself.’ As time has gone by however I have come to realize this actually means ‘Take care, as I don’t know what I would do if you hurt yourself:” a much more positive inspirational message.

Friends will often call up and invite you out or just call for a chat and you have to understand they are doing this because they want to do so. Value those days when you just sit and chat with those close to you, their just being there is an affirmation of their love for you. It is just a case of seeing the inspirational messages in what they do for you.

For this reason I suggest we take more care of the relationships we have. I often say we need to watch what we say to people, as you don’t know whose life you could influence positively, indeed, whose life you could change with a kind word. But these words of motivation can come from other people to boost your confidence and will do so if you nurture the relationships with those around you. Spend time with family and friends and listen to them to show how much you care for them and you will find that they will do all they can to build you up.

It is just a case of understanding when people are showing their affection for you and seizing the words of inspiration and strength that will be there.

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