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Open the newspapers any day and you are unlikely to find much in the way of inspiration messages. In reality this is accurate reporting even though the press seem to revel in the troubled times in which we find ourselves.

The bizarre situation means that the position may be even worse than is first reported. In the United Kingdom the nation’s debt has hit £1.038 trillion and this represents 66.1% of the country’s gross domestic product (Source: Office Of National Statistics). If you include the debts of the banking industry the total increase to a massive £2.3 trillion. The compounding of interest payments means this situation is likely to get worse in the short term at least.

This is a dangerous situation for the UK but it has to be remembered that other countries are in a similar situation or even worse. Japan has a 194% National Debt and other European countries are as bad. The Euro currency countries are struggling and could drag other world economies into deeper recession. The economy of Greece in particular is set to contract by 7% over the next twelve months.

There is little in the way of inspiration messages to be had from the economy so how are individuals and families coping? Sadly the situation is probably worse and there appear to be few words of motivation here either. Personal debt in the UK currently stands at £1.46 trillion. The website calculates this means an average debt of £55,514 per household (including mortgages) and this represents 122% of average earnings. The level of personal debt is set to reach £2 trillion by 2017.

Set this against a reduction in average income by 3.5% over the last year, a worrying level of redundancies and lay-offs, an increase in spending by young people and the fact that interest levels are at an all-time low so they can only go up and you have a powder keg waiting to explode. My personal experience is that in many families the husband works to pay the mortgage and the wife works to pay the bills.

Okay, so money is not everything but there is a lack of inspiration messages elsewhere too. Environmental issues are being ignored. An over dependence on public bodies and unreliable statistics mean we are falling into the trap of believing climate change is the only challenge. An example in the UK exists in the overdevelopment of our land. Drainage is becoming a problem as too much land is being concreted over and planning policies are based on spurious mathematical projections.

Take the small town of Romsey in Hampshire. A pretty market town with a population of less than 20,000, Romsey is threatened by the proposed addition of another 4,000 new houses. The development is based entirely on a national estimate of population increase over the next few years: an estimate with little basis in the real world (according to bodies such as the Campaign To Protect Rural England). Also proposed is the building of a new Tesco store on a green field outside the town, a move that will threaten existing town centre shops and the character of the town itself. Why do Tesco think it is worth building there? It is down to the projected population increase.

Regrettably politicians are inactive in solving the problems as they are influenced by large businesses (including the banks and developers) and they get involved in political arguments but do nothing to provide inspiration messages.

But this is a site providing inspiration messages. Where are the words of motivation in the above depressing evidence? The truth is, we face troubled times but, as Robert H. Schuller put it, tough times never last but tough people do.

We can see the problems coming. We can prepare to face the situation and come out better. Prepare now by immersing yourself in inspiration messages and you will be able to deal with anything that comes your way.

As I write, a few miles away from me sportsmen and women are fighting to reach their best performance in the Olympic Games. The serious problems we face in the world are simply our opportunity to become our best. Take the inspiration messages available to you, become the best person you can be and win your gold medal, whatever that represents to you.

Former Olympic champion, Sally Gunnell, gives us words of motivation in her wonderful book ‘Be Your Best:’ “I have every faith you can reach your personal best, whether it’s a gold medal or simply to enjoy living inside your skin. Whatever you want, you can do it.”

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