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Inspirational Messages For LIfe

Hypeless Messages To Show Life Is Not Hopeless

Inspiration Message: Being Strong And Compassionate

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“In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.”


If we are seeking inspiration messages to help us become the people we would want to be, then there are two words of motivation we should not overlook: strength and compassion.

To truly know that you are both strong and yet compassionate is one way that a person understands just how successful he or she has become. It could be just mastering these two elements is finding the purpose of your life.

Read the short inspiring stories of fictitious super-heroes and you will find mangy of them will show both these characteristics as they are complimentary in my opinion.

But my inspiration message to you is you do not need to be a super-hero to display both, er, strengths.


This is not related to physical strength, although fiction writers usually link the two, but moral strength. This is doing what is truly right and knowing deep in your heart that your actions are those that lead to no regret at all.

If you are weak and act for the wrong reasons you will know and it will weigh heavily on you. This will then put unnecessary obstacles on your route to success. Be strong and do what is right and the path will be easier and words of motivation more plentiful.

One of my own personal aims in life is to be available and dependable for anyone close to me – family or friends. Knowing I have done what is right has always given me a more powerful kick than anything else – drugs and alcohol can never get close.

If what I do helps other people live a better life then I am a happy bunny.

If you want to help other people less able than yourself – and I know many of us do – then I believe it is your responsibility to be as strong as possible. A weak person will find it harder to help other people.

This means we need to make the best of ourselves first and then show other people compassion.


Compassion is not sympathy. Sympathy involves someone falling into a hole and you jumping into the same hole beside them and saying ‘Oh, no, this is terrible. You are so unfortunate.’  Compassion is someone falling into a hole and you looking into the hole, saying ‘I understand your position, here let me help you,’ and reaching down to help them out.

Empathy and compassion are related.

Compassion is appreciating the problems of other people and helping them overcome. This can involve giving them the right words of motivation or even acting on their behalf. It depends on the situation. Often a person just wants to hear that you care.

It is worth noting that you can only help people who want to be helped! If they refuse your assistance and words of motivation then there is usually nothing you can do – it could even annoy them. But then again you will know you had done all could do.

Author Steven Mansfield, in his book on Winston Churchill (‘Never Give In’) wrote this inspiring message, “There is a difference between pity and compassion. Pity is an entirely emotional response of sorrow for another’s ill fortune. Compassion is the potent combination of genuine empathy with fiery determination to create change.”

Knowing you display strength and compassion to others will increase your own feeling of self-worth and give you no end of inspiration messages. It will also have the added benefit that other people will see you as someone they can relate to and relax with. It involves being not only the best you can be but also the best you can be to others.

Why would we want to be anything else?

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