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I Am A Victim

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by Keith Braithwaite

Do you know I have always been a victim?

Ever since I can remember I have always had things go against me. I would be late for appointments, jobs would be left undone, I never earned the money I should, I never got married (the women I met were all totally unsuitable), shop assistants always ignore me and life has been totally stressed. No one has done anything to help me.

Recently I had a car accident. Can you believe it? The guy in front slammed on his brakes with no warning and I hit him in the rear. There was nothing I could do to prevent it. The other guy was a complete asshole and I told him so (as you would). As is usually my luck, the driver is now being really uncooperative with the insurance claim.

I am stuck in a dead end job too. The work is dull, the hours long and the pay low. If a promotion is available, I am always being passed over and am often accused of being uncooperative and miserable. Well, what can they expect? I feel imprisoned.

My neighbours are ignorant idiots too. They don’t appreciate I work shifts and make a lot of noise at times when I want to sleep. Mind you, I always thought they were always going to be trouble so I have never bothered to talk to them.

I know who to blame for this victimization though. He is close to me and whenever I wanted to do something he would be there to tell me ‘Do this other thing first, it’s more fun,’ or ‘Who do you think you are? You can’t do that’ or ‘That’s too difficult, don’t bother’ or even ‘What would other people think of you?’

Someone needs to do something about him; it’s not down to me, I’m the victim here, remember?

This morning though I confronted him – the man who was to blame.

I had just finished shaving and I turned to get my towel when I saw him briefly out of the corner of my eye. I swung around to the mirror to stare him full in the face. He looked startled to be recognized and for a moment I said nothing. Then I blurted out ‘My God, it’s you, you are the one I have to blame for all my misfortunes!’

We both looked guilty as the realization sank in to me. I had thought myself alone and yet in front of me was my tormentor.

But do you know the most significant thing?

He looked a lot like me….

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