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Many of us want to achieve great things in life. We often set ourselves goals to achieve, or, at the very least, dreams we want to make come true. Sadly however most of us never reach that great future we want for ourselves.

We try to give ourselves the words of motivation we need to become better people but somehow life gets in the way and we get distracted. Before we know it, the inspiration messages fade from our minds and we find ourselves depressed and feeling something is missing from our lives.

Too many people turn to other destructive activities to forget our failures: drugs, alcohol and tobacco feature too prominently in our lives. And yet, curiously, within these negative activities lie the clues to our frustration.


It is great to have dreams of a better life but if we do nothing every day to reach them it is all wasted. So it is what we do on a daily basis that dictates our lives.

Professionals in attempting to reform drug addicts, alcoholics and smokers always try to get them to change their habits. If you are used to having a cigarette when you first wake up, get used to having something else: perhaps a boiled sweet or even go for a run. The key is to learn a new habit.

So it is with becoming a better you. Do something every day that will set on your way. Perhaps get into the habit of meditating at the same time every day or maybe read an uplifting book. If you want to start your own business, set aside the same time every day to do something to achieve the goal.

After all, as Brian Tracy puts it: “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”

Do something for 30 days without a break and you will find it becomes a habit and so easier to do.

Still not convinced? I became persuaded of the power of daily habits when I wanted to have a good nights sleep. Having researched the subject, I began to set myself the same routine before bed every night. I would wind down in the hour before, switching off the television and computer and carrying out small tasks, such as packing a bag for the next day. I would then have a warm bath, reading a good book as I do so, with soft classical music playing in the background. As I finally retired to bed, I would play exactly the same piece of music every night. Before long I no longer heard much of the music before I fell into a deep sleep.

I was shocked by the efficiency of my habit when one day I was washing up. The same piece of music I used to go to bed started to play on the radio and I started to fall asleep across the sink.

Habits can be so powerful. Get used to doing something every day and you will find success will be not long in finding you. Find your inspiration messages in your habits every day and the frustration suffered by others will pass you by.

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

John Dryden

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