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Words Of Motivation: How To Be Specific About Your Goals

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Everyone seeking to find the words of motivation to improve their lives must at some point set themselves some goals. I have heard this many times but it is not always easy to understand exactly what goals are relevant.

To add to the problems, words of motivation about setting goals use the SMART mnemonic to show the features required of the best goals. The initial ‘S’ stands for Specific. Goals need to be Specific. Clearly those writing the words of motivation realise that the ordinary chap has bother setting goals so tell us we need to pin down exactly what our goals are before we attempt to achieve them.

In truth, if you have spent the time trying to understand what your dreams are, what your dream life would look like, you will already have a good idea what your goals need to be to achieve those dreams. To get to where you want to be you need to know where you are going.

We discussed identifying your dreams in these previous articles.

Jim Rohn ( described it in this way: “Like a well-defined dream, well-defined goals work like magnets. They pull you in their direction. The better YOU DEFINE them, the better YOU DESCRIBE them, the harder YOU WORK on achieving them, the stronger THEY PULL.”

At this point in giving you the words of motivation to set your goals, it might be worth emphasising the fact that you do need to be specific about what you want. In other words, don’t just say you want ‘happiness’ or ‘lots of money.’ What you need to identify is what would bring you happiness and what sum of money you need or, even better, what you could buy with that money. Picture it. Imagine you already have it.

The words of motivation also tell us we need to have big goals and to aim as high as possible. But this has always been an area with which I struggled; how can I set goals that are high enough to motivate me and yet not too high to intimidate me?

The answer seems to be to find what it is that fires you up – whatever it is – and then devise smaller goals leading up to your ultimate dream. This way you can feel the burn that will inspire you and keep it going as you achieve the lesser goals on the way.

It is very much like climbing a mountain. If you want to reach the summit then just focusing on the peak can be daunting: it never seems to get closer. However, if you aim to climb to a point you can see a few hundred metres away, you can achieve that more easily and know that, when you reach there, you are part of the way to your ultimate goal. This will give you the words of motivation you need to set and move on to the next point and so on until you reach the summit.

Sadly most of us fail to set and achieve goals by talking ourselves out of it. Success is achieved by those who have a childlike outlook; children usually believe nothing is impossible and it is only as adults we ‘learn’ the reasons why we can fail.

Jim Rohn puts it well: “You see, many of us have become too skeptical. We’ve lost that wonderfully innocent, childlike faith and trust. Don’t let this stop you. Believe in and have faith in yourself and your goals. And get excited – just like a child. Childlike enthusiasm – there’s nothing more contagious.”

I will find some more words of motivation about finding the right goals for you in the next article.

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