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You may have already set yourself some meaningful goals but somehow you get distracted. You can see yourself achieving a better life – the life you want – but somehow these ambitions and goals do not provide the inspiration messages you need.

What can be wrong?

Keep It Simple

I can tell you that for years I have read many words of motivation that encourage me to work for the future I want, but I get distracted by the obstacles and events that life throws in my path.

One of the problems encountered in the journey on the way to becoming the person you want to be is having too many goals.

To get to where you want to be however you need to keep it all simple. Focus on just one goal at a time. This way you can keep your focus and achieve so much more: anything else means you run the risk of being overwhelmed and losing confidence.

Each day you should have one defined goal you are aiming towards. As we have said before, the words for motivation as to how to achieve that goal will make themselves known once you have a clear objective.

Make Discipline Easy

Now you know what you are aiming for every day, it becomes much easier to work towards it. We will discuss the importance of discipline at a later stage but making your vision of the future clearer and simpler will remove many of the excuses you may have to put off doing what is needed.

As entertainer and author Wes Beavis says in his book ‘Become The Person You Dream Of Becoming’: “There is nothing like the satisfaction of work, when you can feel it transporting you towards your goal. What brings the drudgery into activity is the lack of felt purpose for the activity.”

Have one clear goal to aim towards every day and you will find the words for motivation you need to work for it.

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