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I have no doubt that you will want to be finding the purpose of your life. It may be that you already know why you are alive and, if so, congratulations, let me know how you get on, but most of us are struggling to find the inspiration messages that will give us direction and fulfillment.

At some stage in the journey goals will be mentioned. Having a goal will help you get up in the morning and give you all the words of motivation you need.

As Zig Ziglar put it, “Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you do, you should have goals.”

It is important in setting the right, meaningful goals for yourself to be able to ask what it is you want. You may have already read the inspiration messages on dreams on this site and identified your goals, which is great news, but now you have to ask yourself how these translate into goals. A later article will take us through the mechanics of setting goals.

Life is like the famous genie in the bottle: you just have to know how to ask life for your ‘wishes’ and then pay the price to achieve them (the work).

Setting Goals Give You Direction

Goals help you gain control of your life. They set out the steps ahead of you and you will be able to see the route and words of motivation you need to take to get the life you want.

Setting Goals Define Success Better

To set goals you need to understand exactly what success means to you. As you set them down you will start to get a clearer picture of who it is you want to be and where you want to go. This will lead to the words of motivation you need to go further.

Setting Goals Improves Your Self-Esteem

As you set out your goals you will realise that at last you have a life of purpose. As you achieve each goal this will groom into a strong fulfillment and feeling of self-worth.

Setting Goals Gives You Character

Having a goal will encourage you to work out how to overcome obstacles on the way to your goal. You will know the why and the how will appear – you just have to find the strength to apply it. Each time you do overcome, your strength of character will grow.

Setting Goals Encourages Discipline

Now you know what it is you want, you will be very disappointed if you do not achieve it. Having your goals set down will give you the inspiration messages you need to be disciplined and drive through to what it is you want.

Zig Ziglar again, “Make no small plans for they have no capacity to stir men’s souls.”

Be in no doubt, setting and achieving goals will need strength and discipline but the rewards are so astounding that it is worth almost any price. This really is life changing.

Have you ever seen a young child trying something new? Most times he or she will think that anything is possible and is surprised and frustrated when an adult tries to explain something is impossible. When you are young, anything is achievable.

When setting goals we need to have a childlike attitude. If children ran the world, very little would be impossible so we need to think the same way.

Jim Rohn: “You see, many of us have become too skeptical. We’ve lost that wonderfully innocent, childlike faith and trust. Don’t let this stop you. Believe and have faith in yourself and your goals. And get excited – just like a child. Childlike enthusiasm – there’s nothing more contagious.”

So open your heart and mind to these words of motivation and set yourself some goals that will inspire you and get you the life you want.

Because you’re worth it.

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I will give you a man who will make history. Give me a man without a goal and I will give you a stock clerk.”

J.C. Penney

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