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Words Of Motivation: What Teachers Tell Us About Our Goals


Lady Showing A New Car A Lot Of Affection

The need for goals is something all the inspirational writers seem to agree about – there are many words of motivation written on this subject. It is obviously something worth getting right.

As I mentioned before, no matter how many words of motivation I read, setting goals is still something with which I have had a lot of challenges. Life always intervenes.

Let’s see if we can find some more words of motivation that might clear my logjam.

Robin Sieger is an author who seems to speak a lot of common sense and he suggests looking at your goals from a different angle. His idea is to imagine looking back: “When you are looking back as an elderly person sitting in the sunshine in Florida or wherever you want to be, what would you want to look back on with the greatest pride?’

Robin suggests we ask ourselves two questions:

1. Where do you want to be?
2. When do you want to get there?

Another motivated individual I have also been lucky enough to associate with is Adil Amarsi. Adil has been a serial entrepreneur and offers these words of motivation to help in setting goals:

“What would my perfect AVERAGE Day look like? If I had to live this way everyday, and if I didn’t I would die, what would it look like?”

“Seriously you want to do something along the lines of where do you live, what does your house look/smell/feel like etc. What are your first thoughts of your day while you brush your teeth, what would you have for breakfast etc.”?

I like that idea: you imagine the little details of your perfect life. And you have to EXPERIENCE the life too.

Robin Sieger agrees: “You must clearly define your goal in precise visual, emotive terms. The second thing you must do is get emotionally connected to the feelings that achieving the goal in terms that give you a feeling of success.”

In truth I think we all know deep down what we want and will know when the goals we set ourselves seem right and we will feel comfortable with them.

Significant words of motivation however come from Jim Rohn. He identified some common words of motivation that identify the main areas from which we will find our goals:

1. Recognition

We all like to be seen as successful in one way or another. Companies find that status symbols often motivate better than money. A better company car or an award (such as employee of the month) or perhaps a new title or promotion will usually do the trick.

Are you motivated by recognition?

2. The Feeling Of Winning

Knowing inside that you have achieved success is one of the best rewards you can have. Just knowing. Knowing that you have done your best gives you so much peace of mind, more than any words of motivation, and I really look forward to this.

My feeling is this will come with whatever goals you achieve.

3. Family

Many people feel great need to do the best thing by their family – particularly dependents – and many will do anything to feel they have fulfilled their responsibility. Parents have been known to make enormous sacrifices for their children, for example.

4. Benevolence

Do you find words of motivation in the idea of giving time or money to those who are less fortunate? Andrew Carnegie spent the first half of his life amassing a vast fortune and the second half giving it away.

5. Embarrassment and Anger

Few of us would admit these give us words of motivation but, the truth is, they drive many people. Even negative feelings can motivate.

Frustrated that you cannot pay the bills each month? That you cannot treat your friends to a meal? Does the car breaking down regularly motivate you to earn the money to buy a new one? Use those feelings to set new goals.

I hope now we are finding the words of motivation to set some meaningful goals. But, wait, there are some more characteristics of successful goals and we will examine those soon.

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Words Of Motivation: How To Be Specific About Your Goals


Mountain Bikers Looking Up At The Summit Of A Mountain

Everyone seeking to find the words of motivation to improve their lives must at some point set themselves some goals. I have heard this many times but it is not always easy to understand exactly what goals are relevant.

To add to the problems, words of motivation about setting goals use the SMART mnemonic to show the features required of the best goals. The initial ‘S’ stands for Specific. Goals need to be Specific. Clearly those writing the words of motivation realise that the ordinary chap has bother setting goals so tell us we need to pin down exactly what our goals are before we attempt to achieve them.

In truth, if you have spent the time trying to understand what your dreams are, what your dream life would look like, you will already have a good idea what your goals need to be to achieve those dreams. To get to where you want to be you need to know where you are going.

We discussed identifying your dreams in these previous articles.

Jim Rohn ( described it in this way: “Like a well-defined dream, well-defined goals work like magnets. They pull you in their direction. The better YOU DEFINE them, the better YOU DESCRIBE them, the harder YOU WORK on achieving them, the stronger THEY PULL.”

At this point in giving you the words of motivation to set your goals, it might be worth emphasising the fact that you do need to be specific about what you want. In other words, don’t just say you want ‘happiness’ or ‘lots of money.’ What you need to identify is what would bring you happiness and what sum of money you need or, even better, what you could buy with that money. Picture it. Imagine you already have it.

The words of motivation also tell us we need to have big goals and to aim as high as possible. But this has always been an area with which I struggled; how can I set goals that are high enough to motivate me and yet not too high to intimidate me?

The answer seems to be to find what it is that fires you up – whatever it is – and then devise smaller goals leading up to your ultimate dream. This way you can feel the burn that will inspire you and keep it going as you achieve the lesser goals on the way.

It is very much like climbing a mountain. If you want to reach the summit then just focusing on the peak can be daunting: it never seems to get closer. However, if you aim to climb to a point you can see a few hundred metres away, you can achieve that more easily and know that, when you reach there, you are part of the way to your ultimate goal. This will give you the words of motivation you need to set and move on to the next point and so on until you reach the summit.

Sadly most of us fail to set and achieve goals by talking ourselves out of it. Success is achieved by those who have a childlike outlook; children usually believe nothing is impossible and it is only as adults we ‘learn’ the reasons why we can fail.

Jim Rohn puts it well: “You see, many of us have become too skeptical. We’ve lost that wonderfully innocent, childlike faith and trust. Don’t let this stop you. Believe in and have faith in yourself and your goals. And get excited – just like a child. Childlike enthusiasm – there’s nothing more contagious.”

I will find some more words of motivation about finding the right goals for you in the next article.

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Words Of Motivation: Getting Goals Started


I have no doubt that you will want to be finding the purpose of your life. It may be that you already know why you are alive and, if so, congratulations, let me know how you get on, but most of us are struggling to find the inspiration messages that will give us direction and fulfillment.

At some stage in the journey goals will be mentioned. Having a goal will help you get up in the morning and give you all the words of motivation you need.

As Zig Ziglar put it, “Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you do, you should have goals.”

It is important in setting the right, meaningful goals for yourself to be able to ask what it is you want. You may have already read the inspiration messages on dreams on this site and identified your goals, which is great news, but now you have to ask yourself how these translate into goals. A later article will take us through the mechanics of setting goals.

Life is like the famous genie in the bottle: you just have to know how to ask life for your ‘wishes’ and then pay the price to achieve them (the work).

Setting Goals Give You Direction

Goals help you gain control of your life. They set out the steps ahead of you and you will be able to see the route and words of motivation you need to take to get the life you want.

Setting Goals Define Success Better

To set goals you need to understand exactly what success means to you. As you set them down you will start to get a clearer picture of who it is you want to be and where you want to go. This will lead to the words of motivation you need to go further.

Setting Goals Improves Your Self-Esteem

As you set out your goals you will realise that at last you have a life of purpose. As you achieve each goal this will groom into a strong fulfillment and feeling of self-worth.

Setting Goals Gives You Character

Having a goal will encourage you to work out how to overcome obstacles on the way to your goal. You will know the why and the how will appear – you just have to find the strength to apply it. Each time you do overcome, your strength of character will grow.

Setting Goals Encourages Discipline

Now you know what it is you want, you will be very disappointed if you do not achieve it. Having your goals set down will give you the inspiration messages you need to be disciplined and drive through to what it is you want.

Zig Ziglar again, “Make no small plans for they have no capacity to stir men’s souls.”

Be in no doubt, setting and achieving goals will need strength and discipline but the rewards are so astounding that it is worth almost any price. This really is life changing.

Have you ever seen a young child trying something new? Most times he or she will think that anything is possible and is surprised and frustrated when an adult tries to explain something is impossible. When you are young, anything is achievable.

When setting goals we need to have a childlike attitude. If children ran the world, very little would be impossible so we need to think the same way.

Jim Rohn: “You see, many of us have become too skeptical. We’ve lost that wonderfully innocent, childlike faith and trust. Don’t let this stop you. Believe and have faith in yourself and your goals. And get excited – just like a child. Childlike enthusiasm – there’s nothing more contagious.”

So open your heart and mind to these words of motivation and set yourself some goals that will inspire you and get you the life you want.

Because you’re worth it.

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I will give you a man who will make history. Give me a man without a goal and I will give you a stock clerk.”

J.C. Penney

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Words Of Motivation: All About Goals

We all dream.

We dream about what we want out of life. What was it T.E. Lawrence wrote? “The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” Our dreams give us the words of motivation we need to improve our lives, perhaps ironically beyond our wildest dreams.

But all the power of the inspiration messages we get from our dreams can be diluted by day-to-day stresses and worries. We can forget what it is we are wanting when more immediate pressures crowd in on our lives.

For this reason, the next most important skill we need after the ability to dream is to prosaically set goals to give us a way of setting and measuring our progress towards the lifestyle we have only imagined so far.

Yes, dreams are essential to success but only if you commit yourself to their attainment by defining exactly what you want and setting a date by which they are to be achieved.

I have to say that I personally have struggled with setting my goals so this will be a personal journey for me too. As I research and write I am looking for the words of motivation I need to move further forward in my life too.

A great way of explaining goals is the classic scenario of the ticket desk of an airline and having this conversation:

Airline Employee: Hello, can I be of assistance?

Me: Hi, I would like to buy a ticket please.

AE: Of course, sir, where would you like to go?

Me: I don’t know.

AE: Okay, when would you like to arrive?

Me: No idea.

AE: I’m sorry but I can’t help you unless you can tell me where you want to go or when you want to get there.

This might seem a crazy situation but isn’t this exactly how we treat our lives?

Zig Ziglar put it perfectly when he said, “It’s just as difficult to reach a destination you don’t have, as it is to come back from a place you have never been.”

Jim Rohn was also spot on when he wrote in his great book, Seven Strategies For Wealth And Happiness, “To understand how crucial goals are, observe the vast majority who do not have any goals. Instead of designing their lives, these misguided people simply make a living. They fight every day of their lives in the war zone of economic survival, choosing existence over substance.”

Too many of us ignore the words of motivation around us and bumble through life, allowing other people to design our lives for us. Then we complain about our situation and blame others for our position. In truth all we have failed to do is to take control of our own lives and planned what it is we want to do.

Yes, goal setting requires work and discipline. Like dreams, if we have goals and do not achieve them, we feel more frustrated. So defining goals is a contract we make with ourselves to create a better life. Indeed, by identifying your goals you are simply finding the purpose of your life.

But, remember this: driving to your goals does require work and commitment but the rewards can be massive. You decide just how massive they can be.

The past is gone. There are things I wish I had not done or done differently but I can do nothing about them now. Right now you have the opportunity to make things a lot, lot better. Although you can imagine the life you want, in reality you are unable to understand just how good things can become.

Setting goals is like walking towards the horizon. Right now you can only see as far as the horizon but, as you move closer to it, more and more is revealed to you and you gradually see a new horizon. Goals are like that: the more you achieve, the more you will understand your abilities and the more your abilities will grow. Gradually you will give yourself inspiration messages that more is possible.

“You can go as far as far as you can see, and when you get there you can always see further,” is another inspiration message from Zig Ziglar.

To get a smooth progression towards the life you want, it is always best to have a series of goals leading you forward, one after the other. In case you doubt you have the abilities to achieve all you want and to keep going, most success gurus provide words of motivation that tell us that life has a wonderful way of providing the means to achieve our goals when we need them.

We just need to have faith and be open to the words of motivation that are available.

“With any project I take a blank sheet of paper and I write down the aim of the exercise – the goal – and take it from there. It’s very fulfilling when you you’ve written down an aim, planned everything and then you bring it to a successful conclusion. It’s tremendous.”

Sir Chay Blyth (in the book ‘Mind Games’)

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