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We all need the inspiration messages that goals can give us but having goals alone is not going to get us where we want to be.

It is always worth tracking the progress of your goals. You should already have a list of your aims in life with a date for their achievement. Why not also make a note of when you achieve your goals? This will allow you to look back and realise just how many things you have achieved on your journey.

There are few better ways of finding inspiration messages for the future.

While we are on the subject, don’t beat yourself up if you miss your goal on the date you have set for its completion. It is okay to complete the project a day or two or three late: what is important is that your complete it at all. The timetable set is a guide.

Actually, what is really important is what you become as you strive for that better lifestyle, but we will explore that later.

Reaching an aim your set yourself should be a big event. Why not make even achieving a small goal significant? Celebrate in some way or perhaps give yourself a reward. You deserve it. Marking the achievement of a new stage in your life will increase the inspiration messages you will get from it.

Giving yourself a reward will increase the positive feeling you will get from reaching your goal. As you write down the goals you want to achieve, also record what reward you will have when you get there.

Appropriate rewards for each stage of achievement will be entirely up to you. They must be significant enough and enjoyable enough to feel like real celebrations when you arrive. Perhaps you might have a trip to the cinema, buy the DVD or download of a movie you have wanted to see, a meal in a restaurant or even just a relaxing evening at home. Whatever you choose, your rewards should tell you that you have achieved something and you deserve a treat.

Because you do.

A word of warning however: make the reward appropriate to the goal. Never celebrate with something that is way beyond what you can afford or the glow of success will be tainted by the guilt of spending too much money. But, whatever rewards you do give yourself, make sure they add to the enjoyment of the goal-achieving process: have fun.

Delayed gratification is an important concept here. If you have set a reward for achieving a goal, do not give yourself that reward until you have reached that goal. Doing anything else will devalue the achievement and reduce the inspiration messages you receive. If you want to buy yourself a new cooker when you get a promotion, for example, don’t do it until you receive your first increased pay cheque.

Giving yourself fun rewards will make the whole process of achieving goals that much more enjoyable. Even if the goal is not that exciting (such as doing the filing), having an enjoyable reward will make reaching it that much more sweet.

As Jim Rohn put it in his book, ‘Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness,’ “Part of the fun of having a list (of goals) is the ability to check things off. And when you check something off as completed, take time to celebrate your achievement.”

Most companies, schools, colleges and other public bodies recognise the worth of rewarding success, whether by awards, promotion or other means, so it makes sense for us to adopt the same approach to our own achievements. Apart from that, if your rewards or celebrations involve other people, they will take more of an interest in what you are doing and may well become your cheerleaders.

Setting and achieving goals is mean to be a positive and enjoyable process, full of inspiration messages to help you keep up the momentum: giving yourself rewards at each stage will ensure this.

‘Do take time to enjoy your victories. It will only inspire you to do more.”

Jim Rohn

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