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Words Of Motivation: Why We Need To Dream

There are of course two types of dream. The first one includes those we have when we are asleep and the second type are those we have when we are awake and these latter dreams offer us words of motivation to do our best in life.

“To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.”

Anatole France

Everything around us was once a dream. Nothing was ever constructed without being a dream in somebody’s mind first.

The dream of a building gives words of motivation to an architect, Alexander Graham Bell had to dream of the telephone before it was created, Richard Trevithick dreamed of the first railway locomotive before he built it, and even Winston Churchill had a dream of victory in the Second World War. Everything achieved was first a dream. Remember Martin Luther King’s speech? “I have a dream.”

To many seeking words of motivation having dreams sounds very vague and not at all what they wanted. Substitute the word ‘imagination’ for ‘dream.’

To best overcome your fears about the future you need to imagine what life could be like. Athletes dream about what it would be like to cross the finishing line having set a new world record. Virtually every person looking to achieve a goal has to have the dream first and then the goals are set to reach that dream.

What is your dream? What do you want to achieve in life?

Only you know what your dreams are. Only you know what you want in life.

Find your dream and the words of motivation will come to help you achieve that dream.


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